timothy poe

New Work

The foundation for my current body of work is by way of experiential human interaction with the natural world, our universe and ultimately the human spirit, this supporting idiom has and remains an underlying reason. My current aesthetic, reverse painting on distressed mirror, the reflective surface attached to clear plate glass, where new mirror, is the blank “canvas”. Techniques were developed by way of experimentation and experience with various materials and medium. Without full intention, this new genre of art is now forward into the light.

In 2005 I developed a process for antiquing mirror, a technique for applying an alkaline chemical solution directly onto the silver reflective coating on the back of new mirror. Etching the silver reflective coating, the process degrades the reflective coating in organic and or linier patterns. A percentage of the coating melts away and clear glass areas created on the plate glass mirror is reverse painted, showing through to the front of the mirror.

I had not considered a critical dialog for this new form of art in the forefront. Examining color and form looking through the front of the glass, the depth of color and chroma produced luminosity and formations I had not yet experienced with any other medium. Recently, I have become more attuned to the intrinsic value and reasoning for this work. The plane of clear glass, reflection, form and color are something of a window to the heavens, where one might experience the realization of other dimensions.

Cosmological phenomena and science have influenced my efforts. The clouds of frequency color transmitted to earth by way of the Hubble telescope, layers of amorphic billowing vistas of color of the “Andromeda Nebula” for instance, are something of what I try to feel when I paint, therein I am more concerned with what I will find rather than what I intend to create. Physicists generally agree that quantum particles of matter created our universe by way of the “Big Bang”, a rapid expansion of infinitesimal, very dense matter and our universe continues to expand outward into the seemingly infinite reaches of space. Theoretical and applied physicists and mathematicians are for the greater part in agreement that the event of the “Big Bang” was created out of nothing, that, nature created itself, our universe and consequently the world we live in. This reasoning is in my view paradoxical, a circular argument. Simply put… the matter and energy that created our universe must have had an origin, someone or entity must have created these elements in forefront.

If the viewer approaches this work with disinterest then, I am satisfied by way of intention. Where color and form are not controlled by my determination to create anything that would resemble an exact representation of the natural world, or heavens for that matter, yet, a view “through the looking glass” into another world, a world outside of our own. I want to hide objective reasoning, where subjective reason might stand in the forefront.

Art has a way of courting the physic by way of color, form and feeling. All human beings respond to color emotionally, if one can see or imagine. Color and symbols are interpreted by way of culture and experience, we reason and feel by way of objective reasoning. These windows of abstract color and form are a “behind the looking glass” effort, a photo mosaic where neuroscience and imagination create opportunity for a personal subjective / emotional perspective of our world, other dimensions and perhaps life just out side of our view. Where our bodies are a composite of all of the elements of our universe and when looking through the glass, one might consider the origin of our existence, we see ourselves in the art, a reflection of creation.

See "Flow" at Gallery Services in Birmingham, AL. (dimension: 50 inches)

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